Can we download the Alexa app for windows 10 pc?

If you want to download the Alexa app on your Windows 10 computer, you can easily do it and get access to your device with virtual cues. Although, you need to keep one thing in mind that you do not really have tons of options: the Alexa app download for Windows 10 computer is available on PCs sold by Lenovo, HP, and Acer. In this guide, you will get to learn how to download the Alexa app for Windows 10 computers following some simple steps.

Alexa app download for Windows 10: Easy Steps to follow

  • To download the Alexa app on your Windows 10 PC, open the Microsoft store. You can see a magnifying glass icon in the bottom corner of the screen. Tap on it, and search for the Microsoft store.
  • From the search results, select the option and click to open it.
  • In the Microsoft store search bar, you need to type the Alexa app. The search bar is present in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From the search results, click on the application with the blue icon to download the Alexa app for Windows 10 PC. Hit the “Get” button and get the application downloaded on your computer.
  • You can see a progress bar appearing in the middle of the window. Let the application downloading process get completed. The application will take around 81 MB of disk space in your system.
  • Once the downloading process is completed, hit the “Launch” button to install the application on your device.
  • After this, click on the option ” setup Amazon Alexa”.
  • Sign in to Alexa using your Amazon account credentials. You need to enter the username and password for signing in. If you haven’t created the Amazon account yet, create the account now by providing the information required.
  • Hit the continue button on the terms and conditions page.
  • Provide access to the microphone to your computer with the click on the continue button.
  • Hit the Yes button for confirmation.
  • Select an option between the hands-free mode or Push to talk mode as per your preference to communicate with Alexa.

These are some simple instructions that can help you to download Alexa app for Windows 10 PC easily. The mentioned instructions are quite easy to follow, however, if you still have a doubt or there is any other technical query causing you trouble, do not hesitate to contact the professionals for export assistance.