Alexa App For Echo Dot Setup 4th gen

Alexa app for echo dot setup

So you have recently purchased a brand new echo dot device? To use your shiny new toy, you need to complete the Echo dot setup. In this guide, we will provide you with easy instructions to complete the setup process for your echo dot device. To do so, you require an Alexa app for echo dot setup. Once you have successfully completed the setup process, you will be all set to use the most useful Alexa skills to have a smart life experience. So let’s proceed further, and follow the easy instructions to download Alexa app for echo dot setup and complete the process.

Set up your echo dot device: A guide to follow

  • First of all, plug in your echo dot device to the power outlet. Let the device glow orange which means it is all set to pair.
  • Now, download the Alexa app for echo dot set up on your Android or iOS device.
  • After downloading the application, log in to it using Amazon username and password.  The application will prompt you to turn on the Bluetooth, and select the Echo device from the available choices. You can go to the settings on your smartphone to toggle the Bluetooth. Once you have paid the application, it will show you the quick introduction video.
  • After completing the Echo dot setup, you can start giving commands to your Alexa. Just remember, you need to use the wake word to give a command. By default the wake word is Alexa.

Alexa App For Echo Dot Setup 4th gen

Before you get going, you need to do some quick customization. Here are some suggestions.

  • Change the default music service– if you use Spotify, Pandora, or any other music service, you can choose the one as your default music service.
  • Integrate the email or calendar- Amazon does not provide a personal calendar service, however, you can integrate the accounts from Google, Apple, or Microsoft Store for the calendar or email. For this, open the settings, select calendar and email, and proceed with the onscreen instructions.
  • Make a phone call–  The Alexa app for echo dot setup allows users to make phone calls to their family and friends from the people on the phone contact list that uses the Alexa device. You can make the changes from the settings menu.
  • Edit the history– You can manage the history recorded by Alexa from the settings menu, and delete them as per your preference. For this, go to the settings and click on Alexa privacy. You can also set timings to retain the Alexa recordings, and delete what you want to.

So these are some easy instructions that can help you to download Alexa app for echo dot setup and complete the process.  You can perform the same process to set up your Alexa echo spot device with Android or iOS. Once you have completed the setup, you can start giving commands to your Alexa application and execute all the Smart Task. The app will also let you manage the smart home appliance by just using voice commands. In case of doubt, contact the experts and get professional assistance immediately.