Echo Dot 4th Gen Setup

echo dot 4th gen setup

The fourth generation Echo dot smart speaker has arrived in the market. With all new looks, latest features, and on board Alexa, this speaker is all set to rule the hearts of users. With Echo Dot 4th gen setup, a user can take benefits of impressive communication features, Smart home capabilities, and better audio quality. So, yes, it is  it right to say that Echo Dot 4th gen setup is technically the best for all new smart experience. This is a available in Glacier white, charcoal, and Twilight blunt colour. Besides that, in this 4th generation smart speaker, the Alexa ring light has been moved to the base from the top. If you’re have purchased a new Echo Dot device or got it as a gift and looking forward to complete the setup, this post can help you. So let’s move further with the next steps and setup the device without any trouble.

echo dot 4th gen setup

Echo dot 4th generation setup:guidelines to follow

If you have made the purchase online from Amazon Store,then Echo speaker unit will come prepared with your Amazon account.This makes the entire setup process simpler.All you have to do is:

  • Plug in the Echo dot device to the electric outlet.
  • Get an Alexa app on your smartphone device.
  • There you will receive a popup notification saying that ‘Echo Dot can be set up’.
  • Click on the continue button and choose the wireless network you would like to connect.
  • Now you have to enter the password. In case you have performed any previous equals solution,you may not need to enter the password.
  • Wait for a few seconds and let the device Get Connected.

Boom! You are ready to go smart with your Echo Dot device.

So these are some simple steps that will help you to complete Echo Dot 4th Gen Setup. If you are using the equal speaker and Alexa for the first time,then there are some changes involved in the setup process that you need to perform.

  • Plug in the Echo Dot device to the power outlet.
  • Get the Alexa app on your smartphone.You can download the application from supported Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Now,you need to sign into the application using your Amazon account credentials.
  • Tap on More option,click on ‘add a device’>> ‘Amazon Echo Dot’ option,
  • Once the application discovers your smart speaker,it will guide you to add the device to your home wireless network.After that it will help you toto add a device to a room (such as living room, kitchen, master bedroom, workplace,etc).
  • Now,you need to perform the street address verification that you are going to use.This will help you with the the information like driving directions and local weather updates.

So this is how to setup echo dot 4th gen smart device.We all are familiar that Echo dot comes with killer feature of smart voice assistant known as Alexa. This smart, friendly,and not to forget Chatty smart voice assistant is always there to answer your,queries,share the weather forecast update and use update with you,set timer and alarms,and even entertain you when you are bored by cracking the jokes. Alexa respond to the query instantly and execute the task as per user preference. Although,you must have a stable and active internet connection for using the smart services offered by Echo at Alexa.

So whether you want to turn off the light, or book a cab,Echo Dot and Alexa are there for you always.